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What is website traffic?

SEO fundamentals
Website traffic refers to users who visit website pages. It’s a common way to measure website performance. The important thing to remember is that the number of visitors to your web pages becomes the number of opportunities your business has at giving an impression, generating leads, and driving sales. Our traffic checker will help you to achieve these goals by showing you accurate traffic analytics.

Look up website traffic with SE Ranking

Monitor any website popularity by using our website traffic checker: track paid and organic hits

Organic traffic checker

Discover the number of users coming to organic search: how many visitors a website gets, and what keywords provide the most traffic

Paid traffic analytics

Learn the number of visitors the website gets per month from its PPC campaigns, find out what keywords are used, and discover traffic forecast

Why is website traffic analysis important?

Know where you stand

Be aware of how much traffic your website gets and work on boosting figures

Know your growth dynamics

Dive deep into historical data: analyze spikes and drops in order to improve website performance

Know competitors’ traffic

Compare your progress with main players in the niche to know what to strive for

More useful SE Ranking’s features

Get detailed information about your traffic by connecting Google Analytics and Search Console
Create custom comprehensive website traffic reports for your clients or colleagues
Find more promising keywords that can attract visitors to your site

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  • 2000 keywords for Keyword Rank Tracking
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  • 5000 keywords for Keyword Rank Tracking
  • 700000 pages for Website Audit
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What are the different types of traffic?
There are different types of website traffic:
  • Direct: occurs when someone types the exact URL into the search bar.
  • Organic: is any user who arrives at a website by clicking on a non-ad search result.
  • Referral: is anyone who comes to the website via an external link.
  • Paid: is a visitor who clicks on an advertisement.
What is the difference between paid vs. organic traffic?
While organic traffic comes to your website from non-ad search results, paid traffic comes from paid advertisements that appear at the top of SERP. To drive more organic traffic, you need to improve your website's SEO rankings. To attract more paid traffic, you should optimize your PPC campaigns.
How to increase traffic?
Here are the main ways to increase website traffic:
  • Create useful and shareable content that increases brand visibility and boosts authority/li>
  • Write guest posts that generate backlinks and boost referral traffic
  • Attract visitors via your social media pages
  • Improve your PPC campaigns to drive paid traffic
  • Promote content through email newsletters
  • Develop outreach strategy and submit press releases
What type of website attracts the most traffic?
Сontent websites are basically a library of articles and blog posts built around a certain topic. Their goal is usually constant: drive as much seo traffic as you can. To attract a lot of traffic, such a website should consist of many high-quality pages with useful and expert-level content.
How to check traffic of a website?
You can check traffic for any website using various online tools. Each one has unique features that set them apart. We recommend you to try SE Ranking’s Website Traffic Checker. It helps you get website traffic statistics with only one click.
Can I check my traffic on a site for free?
Yes, you can do it with SE Ranking’s Website Traffic Checker for free. Just enter a domain and hit the button Analyze. You’ll see all the necessary data: traffic estimate, keywords driving traffic, its cost, geography of the target audience, historical data, etc.