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A comprehensive SEO rank tracker designed with teams’ needs in mind

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Deliver more value to your clients with unique datasets and efficient reporting

  • Get precise daily ranking updates—check cached SERP when needed

  • Manage bulky projects with huge keyword lists through grouping & tagging

  • Create unlimited client projects using Pro and Business plans

  • Create easy-to-read automatic reports or keep clients informed by granting them platform access

Finetune your SEO strategy using data-rich ranking insights

  • Monitor rankings daily and improve them by adopting suggested on-page and content fixes

  • Spot top-performing URLs/keywords and detect ranking drops

  • Monitor up to 20 competitors along your site’s rankings for free

  • Sync your GSC and GA with SE Ranking for smooth performance tracking

Trusted by 40,000+ businesses

Trusted by 40,000+ businesses

Get more value with website rank checker’s pro features

  • Track competitors’ keywords

    See how your website stacks up against your competition

  • Identify top keywords

    Find out what keywords and pages bring the most traffic to your site

  • Ensure steady traffic flow

    Spot ranking drops and prevent traffic loss proactively

  • Refine your SEO strategy

    Single out the most promising keywords and pages to focus on

  • Prevent cannibalization

    Identify pages competing for the same keyword and fix the issues

  • Stay on top of Google updates

    Learn how ranking algorithms updates impact your website


Keep the finger on the pulse of your site’s SEO visibility

What is SE Ranking' Keyword Rank Tracker?

SE Ranking’s Keyword Rank Tracker automatically checks your site’s positions in the SERPs for all your target keywords for up to 100 locations per project.

You can track rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube, both on desktop and mobile; group and tag your keywords for easy analysis; leave notes to see correlations between your optimization efforts and ranking dynamics.

What is SE Ranking' Keyword Rank Tracker? What is SE Ranking' Keyword Rank Tracker?

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See if your SEO strategy is paying off

All the data you need for business decisions in convenient, easy-to-understand tables and graphs

  • Added search engines

    Added search engines

    Track rankings across multiple locations within a single project
  • Target URL

    Target URL

    Define target URLs to spot cannibalization issues
  • SERP Features

    SERP Features

    Special features triggered by the keyword, marked in blue if earned by your site
  • Search volume

    Search volume

    The amount of traffic a keyword receives monthly
  • Traffic forecast

    Traffic forecast

    The amount of traffic a keyword can drive to your site
  • Content Score

    Content Score

    A higher Content Quality Score leads to better rankings

Get a bird’s-eye view of your standings in SERP

Keep a close eye on your competing sites with dedicated tools

  • Highlight competitors

    Single out added competitors

  • Calendar

    Analyze any date range

  • Highlighted site

    Pick any website to see how it performed over time

Find a full list of sites targeting the same keywords as you

Use tags and groups to study a particular cluster of competing sites

  • Groups and tags

    Manage your keywords by tagging them and creating groups

  • Competitors list

    Get an overview of every competitor’s major parameters

  • Comprehensive data

    Click the data to study competitors’ keywords or backlinks in detail

Analyze your competitors’ performance and predict their next moves

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750 keywords

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  • from pages for Website Audit
  • Competitive & Keyword Research
  • Backlink Monitor and Backlink Checker
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From 2000 keywords

All Essential features with extended limits

  • from 250,000 pages for Website Audit
  • User seats
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  • from 700,000 pages for Website Audit
  • API access
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Сheck keyword rankings on different search engines


What is a keyword position in SEO?
When a user enters a keyword into a search bar, within seconds a search engine delivers result pages with dozens of relevant websites. Ranking algorithms define the order in which sites are placed—their position in the search for particular keywords. The higher keyword position a site gets, the better they rank for that keyword.
What is keyword rank tracking?
SEO specialists need to keep track of their SERP (search engine results page) rankings to make sure their optimization efforts are paying off. The first five search results get a lion’s share of clicks, so SEO specialists often aim for the top-5. With proper optimization, positions of the site’s target keyword will gradually improve.
What keyword rank tracker can I use to check website rankings?
To check a keyword position, you can use one of the webmaster tools (offered by Google, Bing, etc) or check it manually. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get accurate fresh data in both of these cases. For this reason, SEO specialists prefer special keyword rank checkers. It checks website rankings automatically and provides you with analytical insights.
What is a good keyword position?
Most users never go any further than the first page of search results, which means that all pages ranking below the top-10 will get very little traffic. In a SERP free of distracting special features (such as featured snippets, Twitter boxes, video blocks), the top-5 results get 68.5% of all clicks, of which the top-3 results get 58.5%.
Is your keyword rank checker free?
SE Ranking's Rank Tracker is not free but it comes with a free trial. However, if you get a subscription, you’ll get access to 30+ SEO tools.

More features to explore

  • Get immediate notifications when a change is made to a web page
  • Compare changes against two scanning dates
  • Understand the reasons behind rankings fluctuations
  • Analyze the target URL for the target keyword
  • Provides technical, content, link, and many other types of analysis
  • View such analyzed parameters as “passed”, “warnings” and “errors”
  • Use practical tips to solve issues and eliminate warnings
  • Analyze and group search queries that match the same website’s URL
  • Group keywords regardless of the location
  • Check the search volume right on spot
  • Easily group long-tail search queries
  • Analyze each link against 15 SEO parameters
  • Discover your and your competitors’ backlink profiles
  • Export backlinks to the Backlink Monitoring tool
  • Base your backlink profile structure on valuable SEO factors
  • Customizable domain logo, header, footer, color scheme, and much more
  • Set automated or manually generated branded reports
  • Custom access to different SEO facilities
  • Use your own domain via separate personal access
  • Complete checklist with directions and tips
  • Regularly updated material
  • Custom tasks can be added
  • Track your progress
  • Discover competitors by keywords, domains, subdomains, and URLs
  • Analyze the Ads advertising history
  • Get a list of all your competitors in the search results
  • Get ideas for alternative keywords for your ad campaign and organic promotion
  • Analyze all of your pages against key SEO parameters
  • Compare previous crawls
  • Solve issues by following our guidelines
  • Study analyzed parameters categorized as “passed”, “warnings” and “errors”
  • Handpick the perfect keywords to target in your SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Analyze any keyword in detail, identify new ranking opportunities, and assess the competition
  • Analyze core keyword parameters like difficulty score, search volume, CPC and level of Google Ads competition
  • Get a list of similar, related and long-tail keywords to build up or expand your keyword list
  • Add your backlinks to the system to track their parameters on a regular basis
  • Get notified whenever changes are made to your most important backlinks
  • Analyze referring domains and linking pages to see each link’s value for your site
  • Manage your link-building budget and process