Keyword Grouping Tool

Advanced tool for quick and precise keyword clustering

Why you need SE Ranking's keyword clustering tool

  1. Segment keywords for further distribution across your website
  2. Plan the SEO architecture of your future website
  3. Get higher quality scores and save money on your advertising campaigns through PPC grouping

What are the benefits

Save time
Save time

And a lot of it. Working with thousands of keywords manually can take hours if not days. The system completes this task within minutes.

Eliminate mistakes
Eliminate mistakes

When you group keywords manually, you can make a lot of mistakes. The various combinations of synonyms, closely-related terms and thematic words that must be taken into account create confusion and lead to incorrect grouping. Our tool does this job quickly and practically error-free.

Get highlighted keywords from the SERP
Get highlighted keywords from the SERP

Keyword Grouper helps you expand your semantics with new keyword variations along with synonyms and closely-related terms. You can then add the keywords that are defined as synonyms or closely-related terms by Google - the ones it emboldens in the SERPs - to your title and description tags. The better your SEO health is, the higher your rankings will be.

Сheck search volumes on the fly
Сheck search volumes on the fly

Make use of the optional feature that allows the system to check the search volume of keyword clusters. Knowing the search volume helps you prioritize keywords without having to perform additional checks in other tools.

Flexible grouping options for the best result

Choose country, location, language

Choose country, location, language

Take into consideration the language and regional differences while grouping keywords.

Select clustering settings that fit your needs

Select clustering settings that fit your needs

Define the minimum number of matching URLs and clustering method. The higher the accuracy the less search queries will be added to one group.

What data comes available as a result

Grouped keywords

The name of the group will be the keyword with the highest search volume (if you decided to check search volume or provided it to us manually). If there is no search volume, the group will be named after the first word defined for this cluster.

Search volume

While using Keyword Grouper, you have 3 options to choose from:

  • allow our system to check search volume (this will increase price by $0.005 per query)
  • manually enter it in the system;
  • not to check search volume.

Highlighted keywords

List of highlighted keywords by Google is coming for each keyword. Use it for extending your website's semantics or for deeper understanding of SERP results.



Cost for one query


Cost for the search volume check for one query